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Old Depot Museum

22.87 miles away

The Old Depot Museum Garnett is a museum located in Garnett, Maine, that preserves the history of the town and surrounding area. The museum features exhibits about the town's agricultural heritage, its role in the lumber industry, and the local railroad system. The museum also has a collection of historic photographs and artifacts related to Garnett and the surrounding region. The Old Depot Museum is open on weekends from May through October, and during holidays in December.

Forest Park

23.03 miles away

Forest Park Garnett is located in the heart of Knoxville and offers its visitors a wide variety of activities and attractions. The park covers an area of more than 1,500 acres and includes over 20 miles of trails, including the scenic Blount Valley Trail. The park also has five lakes, including Lake Monroe and Lake Peak, as well as a zoo, golf course, tennis courts, a play center and more. Forest Park Garnett is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike and offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Fees Park

25.99 miles away

Fees Park Garnett is a well-maintained park in the heart of the city. The park includes a playground, basketball and volleyball courts, a picnic area, and a pond. It's also great for running or bike riding because of its safe and well-lit pathways. There is also a shelter with tables and benches that makes it perfect for lunch or a quick break.

Hillsdale State Park

30.83 miles away

Located in the scenic hills of western New York, Hillsdale State Park is a nature lover's paradise. The park encompasses more than 1,500 acres of forest, meadow, and farmland, and offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities. In addition to hiking, biking, and fishing, visitors can enjoy picnicking, bird-watching, and exploring the many overlooks and trails. The park also includes a campground with 85 sites, a swimming pool, and a playground.

Santa Fe Trail

34.77 miles away

The Santa Fe Trail Garnett is one of the most unique and rare treasures that can be found on the Santa Fe Trail. It is a two-story, three-bay structure made of adobe and cottonwood logs with a gable roof. The gin was used to process cotton and produce enough cloth to clothe 1200 families a year. The Garnett is the only remaining original Santa Fe Trail gin, and it is currently owned and operated by the Kansas State Historical Society.

Gardner Junction Park

38.29 miles away

Gardner Junction Park Garnett is a small park located in the town of Gardner, New York. The park features a playground, ball fields, and a pond. The park is also home to the Gardner Junction Museum, which is dedicated to documenting the history of Gardner and the surrounding area.

Heritage Park

45.98 miles away

The Heritage Park Garnett is a picturesque place that offers visitors a unique view of the history of the Garnett area. The park includes several markers that commemorate important events and figures in Garnett's past. There are also several gardens and trails that offer a beautiful view of the area.

Museum of Deaf History, Arts and Culture

47.18 miles away

The Museum of Deaf History, Arts, and Culture Garnett is a new museum in the city of Garnett, Kansas. The museum is dedicated to the history, arts, and culture of deaf people. The museum has a collection of artifacts and photographs that illustrate the history of deaf people. The museum also has a gallery that hosts exhibitions about deaf culture.

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